HTML5 tutorial - A tutorial for beginners in plain English.

It's not rocket science.

Take the HTML5 tutorial and learn how to build a simple website

To the uninitiated HTML5 might look like rocket science, but it's not. Believe me, if you passed high school algebra you can figure this out.

My goal on is to give you a good solid start on doing just that.

When you have completed this tutorial you'll have a basic understanding of HTML and know how to go about getting a domain and building a simple website.

You won't be ready to quit your day job, but... have to start somewhere! is geared to those who want to edit and write HTML code by hand. Knowing how the nuts and bolts of a webpage fit and work together gives you the means to utilize HTML5's full potential. Debugging and tweaking the code is easier and it greatly facilitates search engine optimization (SEO).

So what is HTML5? HTML5 is a language – a language computers use to "speak" to each other. However, left to their own devices, computers are mute machines – we aren't, and in the words of the Great Bard...

"Therein lies the rub."


Hypertext Markup Language ver. 5
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Hypertext Markup Language – history

Note: Technical terms in red are defined at the bottom
of the page and in the glossary.


A web address such as
For example, the domain name for this web site is


Search Engine Optimization – designing pages to rank high in search engine results.
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