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A number of people have asked that I email them when I have a new page done. Rather than trying to keep track of a lot of email address I decided to create a newsletter that I will use when I have a new pages ready.

The newsletter is strictly opt-in and you can opt-out at any time. There will be no promotions and I will never share your email address with anyone. Please see my Privacy Policy page for more information.

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It's hard to see your own work with fresh eyes.

More times than I care to admit I have proudly shown my work to someone only to realize they didn't get it. The point of the site wasn't obvious or navigation wasn't clear – something important wasn't getting through. When I pointed out what they missed they almost always apologized, but it was never their fault. It was mine.

Likewise editing my own work is something I find next to impossible to do. The spell checker helps as long as I remember to use it, but spelling is just part of the problem. If you see an error in spelling, grammar, usage or even my code please email me.

I like feedback. It's exciting to see the volume of people that visit the site, however I'll admit it is also a bit intimidating. I want it to be right.

Please send me any comments, criticisms, questions or suggestions.






This is so I know a human is filling out the form.

Thanks, Duncan Aitken
Panajachel, Guatemala C.A.

P.S. I can't promise I will get back to you soon – if at all. But I will read and take into consideration anything you send me.