HTML5 tutorial - copyright Duncan Aitken.

I am open to others using my code, text and photos under the following conditions:
  1. Short of outright plagerism, non-profit academic use of anything of mine is permitted, even promoted, with almost no restrictions. Students and teachers are welcome to use anything they like in homework and class preparation.
  2. Commercial use of my photos, text or code on websites is welcome and free of charge as long as there is a a text link back to my webpage where that material was originally found, on the page where the material is used.
    • For example:
      <a href="">Courtesy of</a>
    • Once the link is up please email me at: . If you want, include what I'll need to link back to you.
  3. Understand that my work is not "Open Source". I still own it, and for commercial use, that needs to be clear to anyone seeing my material.
  4. I do not want anything of mine used to promote religious or political causes, nor sites that a search engine could accuse of "spamdexing". I do not want it used in a manner the general public would consider objectionable.
  5. I reserve the right to change my mind at any time, for whatever reason. While unlikely, I may request a few modifications or deny permission altogether. I have yet to do either, but I am keeping my options open.
  6. If you do not qualify under the criteria above, not sure whether you do or not, or have a proposal you think I might consider mutually beneficial, please email me at .
I believe that:
  1. For the internet to realize its potential as an educational tool, those in education should not be held to the same legal criteria regarding copyright everyone else must respect. You can't claim something of mine to be yours; but short of that, help yourself.
  2. Links generates traffic both via the link itself and through Google ranking. Trading links helps us both. Contact me at . For commercial use other than on the internet, normal copyright restrictions apply.

Use common sense. While the "it" in famous quote: "I know it when I see it." was made by a judge adjudicating a pornography case, the same logic applies to copyright infringement.

Most importantly, if a computer class teacher in India, a professor of design in the US or students in China learning about the web can use anything of mine to advance education, do not hesitate to do so.

Duncan Aitken
website designer