HTML5 tutorial - Links to sites I use regularly for help with html5.

Below are links to sites I have actually learned something from – many I continue to use regularly. Most assume a degree of skill you might not have yet acquired. This page isn't going anywhere. Bookmark it and come back later.

The links below are for free online services.
Internet for Beginners
Color Schemer
Color Schemer Online
Favicon Generator
Googlebot page speed guidelines and issues
Font Squirrel
Free fonts
Google 101
Webmaster guidelines
Google's Let's make the web faster
Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (pdf)
Google Trifecta for your Website - YouTube Video
Google Webmaster's Tools
Google Analytics
Check if Analytics is properly installed
Google Web Site Optimizer
Messing with .htaccess can be tricky. This is a handy resource, but be careful. (ie. backup!)
A handy PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript and ASP script resource web portal.
The link to all HTML5 resources
All kinds of stuff.
HTML CSS Examples
You might need to edit the code to make it HTML5 compliant, but well worth spending time on.
I spend a lot of time on this site.
HTML5 Validator
HTML5 Test
Shows how well your browser supports HTML5 standards.
Ugly (that green should be illegal), but very useful.
Lorem Ipsum
Dummy text used to demonstrate typography work
A free guide on how to make a website. Tools
Webpage speed report
See Your Site With the Eyes of a Spider
Search Engine Spider Simulator
Scan your site for viruses and malware, plus blacklist removal.
Web Design News
A web design news blog
Web Designer Depot
The ultimate HTML5 resource guide
Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group - WHATWG
Web Pages That Suck
What not to do.
When can I use...
Not all elements have been implemented in all browsers yet. Find out what does and doesn't work here.
World Wide Web Consortium - W3C -
HTML: The Markup Language
HTML5 differences from HTML4
A Web Developer’s Guide to HTML5
HTML5 Validator
Generate sitemaps for Google Webmaster's Tools

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets

Spamdexing (also known as search spam, search engine spam or web spam) involves a number of methods, such as repeating unrelated phrases, to manipulate the relevancy or prominence of resources indexed by a search engine.
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A favicon (short for favorites icon) is a small square icon associated with a particular website. Browsers display a favicon in a page's tab, next to the title.