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This site is a work in process and this is as far as I have gotten.

A number of people have asked that I email them when I have a new page done. Rather than trying to keep track of a lot of email address I decided to create a newsletter that I will use when I have a new pages ready.

The newsletter is strictly opt-in and you can opt-out at any time. There will be no promotions and I will never share your email address with anyone. Please see my Privacy Policy page for more information.

Please send me any comments, criticisms, questions or suggestions.

One thing you learn designing websites is that you never see your work the same way others do. You look at it too much to see it with fresh eyes.

More times than I care to admit to I have proudly shown my work to someone only to realize they didn't get it. The point of the site wasn't obvious or navigation wasn't clear – something important wasn't getting through. When I pointed out what they missed they almost always apologized, but it was never their fault. It was mine.

I like feedback. It's exciting to see the volume of people that visit the site, however I'll admit it's a little bit intimidating as well. I want it to be right.




Thanks, Duncan Aitken
Panajachel, Guatemala C.A.

P.S. I can't promise I will get back to you soon – if at all. But I will read and take into consideration anything you send me.